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Refill Bottle Gel - Lemon & Ginger 444g

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Refill Bottle Gel - Lemon & Ginger 444g

“It kicks”. The Lemon Zinger is our original, 100% Natural, caffeinated energy gel. We combine guarana, Sicilian lemon juice, ginger, brown rice syrup and agave nectar to help you perform. Mixed fast and steady releasing carbohydrates to replenish muscles. Himalayan crystal salts provide sodium to support hydration. Guarana gives caffeine to help endurance. Add to this the antioxidant potential of Lemon and the great taste of ginger. The result is a Tasty, easy on the stomach gel.
To consume pure or diluted in water (one squeeze for 500 ml of water).

Composition :

Agave nectar, brown rice syrup, sicilian lemon juice concentrate 2%, natural guarana extract, pink Himalayan crystal salt, natural ginger flavour.

Nutritional information:

Nutrition Facts: 100g Gel
Energy value kJ 1661 468
Energy value kCal 303 112
Total fat (g) 0,2 0
Saturated Fatty acids (g) 0 0
Total Carbohydrate (g) 75 28
Sugars (g) 68 25
Fiber (g) 1 0,3
Protein (g) 0,5 0,2
Salt (g) 0.3 0.1
Caffeine 185 50
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Nutritional Value 100g Gel
Product Type Pack
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